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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas cards

Everyone is using digital Christmas card now-a-day, so I only got 3 real card this year, maybe more is coming, but am not so hopeful for that. So I've made 3 cards to give them back. At the same time I've received my month kit from Paperwishes Personal Shopper, so I've made full use of the kit and made 2 extra cards other than the one that they showed in their kit.

The most part that I love doing is the snowman. I'm suppose to use the brad buddies snowman for the card but instead I use white card stock, trace, cut and emboss the snowman, then put eyelets as the buttons. I love how it ends up and am thinking to make more.


Just call me Aunty J said...

Hey, you're getting better at this scrapbook thingy! Nice!! :)

hannie said...

Thank you thank you thank you. Mau buka kedai one day..hahaaha...


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