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Thursday, January 5, 2012

I've moved

I've most all posts to my new site:
Do visit me there and follow me.
Follow me at Twitter too at:
I'm still in the middle of moving things around in the site. Especially on the color scheme and banner.
Do give me feedback.
Thank you!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am thinking to shut this down

Ya.. I've been maintaining more than one blog. I've 3 other blogs!! Yes, 3 others. But only one other that is active. Sort of. By active means whenever I feel like writing or whenever there is an assignment for me to do.
As for the other two blogs, they were started in hope that I can get more assignment, but well.. not much. It was like one in few months sort of frequency. I think I can shut 3 blogs off, including this one and just maintain one - Glad To Be Here.
I  don't think I've anything to loose except my readers which is not that many anyway. I still treasure all of you who read and follow my blog. I hope you'll follow me to my other blog where everything will be in one place. Craft is me, Glad is also me.
If there is no respond here, I know I'm making the right decision. But do drop me a line or so, so that I know if you all really are reading my blog. Or my twitter - Hannie C
I'm going to do a lot of editing stuff after this, if I'm really going to shut this down. I also need to inform those sites that I've been working with, about my "migration".
I just felt that it is hard for me to maintain that many blogs and yet there are only two that is functioning and this one can really join with Glad To Be Here. Don't you think so?
Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Consider this as my new year resolution.
Another thing that I really wanted to do is "A photo a day" project which I've already started shooting photo using my phone. Yay to that!
Well, have a thought and give me some feedback please... I'm begging you.. pleaaseeee....

Saturday, December 31, 2011

My December Daily for 2011 [photo heavy post]

 I was actually hopping to build a mini album, but don't think I'm going to do that next year. I'm definitely going to use a bigger album next year, at least 8x8".
It turns out that it became bulkier each day and I was trying hard to squeeze things in this album. So happy that I've mini diary in my phone that I can write down the happenings of the day together with the photos. Another great thing is, I can edit my photos in the phone, have them in collage and only then sent them to process. That is one great way that I can put several photos in one page of this mini album.
I've actually run out of 6x6" chipboard from the initial album size. So I've added up with large coaster and another tag mini album.
Here are the inside, with a few photos missing. Too lazy to shoot them again.

Am I going to do December Daily again next year?
Definitely YES!!

Now.. everyone is talking about new year resolution, the one little word, or the most like in 2011, or the achievement of 2011. I'm not going to go through all that now. But I think my one little word for next year is "BE". Let's just be.

Enjoy your last day of 2011.

I brought my angel home today

Using Creative Scrappers sketch #188.
I bought some angels on the 17th December, and have them placed on my entrance tables. So love the spirit or feel that they've created in my home and my heart.
Going to definitely believe more on angels and ask for their help in the coming year.
I so love the December kit from My Creative Scrapbook. That's is what I've used for this layout.

I've finally took some photos of my December Daily, though it is not 100% done yet. Going to share about that in my next post.
Happy Saturday! The last Saturday of 2011.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A few photos collage

Happy Boxing day! I've missed posting during Christmas. But I've been updating friends and family by twitter and Facebook. Here are some photos that I've shared in the social network:

Christmas greetings.

Our Christmas eve dinner in my sister's place where we've cooked up some roasted chicken wings and potatoes.

Lighting up of candles in the church during the Christmas eve service.

One activity that the boys have been waiting for - opening of gifts. Here.. all those pictures showed that Calvin is so love the Chinese comic book that I got for them, till he started reading right away.
So, how was your Christmas? All those cleaning has been done? Today is boxing day.. I wonder what am I going to box away. Definitely those old newspapers, really need to get rid of them from the house.

Enjoy your holidays!

Monday, December 19, 2011

December daily

It is already half way through December and I've just started to put together my December Daily.
I may need more chipboard pages for my album.
I also wanted to make those pages look like they have got a theme.
Doily is one thing that I'm sure to be using.
I wanted to try using glitter too.
I've recently bought a bottle of Mod Podge and now I'm using it like crazy. I almost use it on all my pages which I've put doily in!
I wanted to try glitter too.
Will take some photos when I've the right light for it.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Scrap-it-lah December Challenge

This will be the last challenge over at Scrap-it-lah. Sadly Chow-Chow (who started the blog with Jessy) would have to give this up for her other commitment in life. So, I guess this will also be my last layout for SIL.
This month, the challenge is: to include Multi-photo layout using Christmas photos (at least 3) or, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, photos from a similar celebration (no birthdays please!).   Glitter or glimmer mist somewhere on your layout.   Traditional Christmas colours of red/green/gold (compulsory), plus only ONE other colour OF YOUR CHOICE. (Both plain and printed papers are fine as long as you stick to the colours).

I've used glimmer mist on my doily and flower then also using glimmer pen to draw on the larger flower. Initial color of the flower is white.

My title is from glitter thicker. I've also stamp on my doily after misting them.

Here is another look on those cluster of flowers from Prima.

This year, we had our Christmas tree up early even before November ended.. This is all due to my son - Calvin who was so eager to put up the Christmas tree. So I've helped him to set up the tree and he hangs all t hose decoration all by himself! What a great kid. He is waiting for the time to open his presents and really a good test on his patient.

Have fun on this December and try out the challenge and create something memorable for yourself. Do check out what the rest of the DTs have done on this challenge.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Started to make Christmas cards

I know some of you have already made your Christmas cards and probably started to send them out by now.
I've just made mine and probably will make some more. These are the few patterns that I've in my production.
I've got a new Martha Stewart snowflake punch from Kuala Lumpur. Seen here are two different snowflakes, one is from MM Slice machine, and the other smaller one is from Martha Stewart.
I wanted to make if more meaningful, so I've used Ali Edwards stamp at the back of the card. Love the result.
Next thing is the December Daily's album, which I haven't started making yet.
Happy Monday!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

To Earth With Love album

I've got news from Japan. The album that I did for "To Earth With Love" committee has been presented to Professor Dr. Teruo Higa - the researcher and owner of EM product. Professor Dr. Higa is an agricultural scientist. I'm glad that the committee member approached me to do a scrapbook for their project and successfully presented to the professor himself.
To Earth With Love has been doing lots of project in making Mud Ball using the EM solution and rice rinsed water. The mud ball itself can help in cleaning up drain or dirty water. There have been much activities done by the committee during the course of this year, I've written about one of the event here. Another news coverage about mud ball is here.
The EM itself can be used as fertilizer. EM means Effective Micro-organism. With the right mixture, it gave new life to crops.
Here are some pages inside the album:

I hope our government will fully support To Earth With Love in using EM to produce better agricultural product, house hold used detergent since it is environmental friendly and even help out in creating a greener environment.
Love our environment, love our mother earth, let's do something green today.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bottle Sling = Hands free feeding

Got his cute Bottle sling last week and only manage to get a feedback yesterday.

First look of it, it seems a bit short compare to what they are showing in their website -
The design is original and the pattern on the cloth is cute. That's all I can say about it on first glance.

Well, since I don't have little baby and my boys hold their bottle without any problem, I gave it to my colleague who is having a 6-month-old baby boy.
At first, my colleague couldn't think of where to wrap the sling till I told her about car seat. She probably didn't read the leaflet instructions.
So, once she tried it, she was so thankful for it. Her husband goes "Shiok juga nih, tak payah pegang." It means, how nice no need to hold the bottle.
My colleague even said that her baby love the sling, 'cos right after feeding, he started touching the sling, he must have love the flog pattern.
Just look at these cute photos from

How cute right? The good thing about this baby sling is that, the baby can push away the bottle at any time and it won't chock the baby. What more it can fit in most bottles from small till big, plus it is washable.
This was started by a mom who had been travelling in long distance with her baby and there are lots of time that she find it hard to feed baby while driving, so the bottle sling came along and it solves her problem. With US$19.90, you can do your chores with both hands while baby is feeding on bottle! How nice is that!?
Check out Ruth Dorst website at
I do salute her for being able to come up with this idea to make mom's life easier.
Way to go Ruth!


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