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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Donut for lunch?

It got me thinking if I really should go for it, cos donuts are normally sweet things and after I've tried that Dunkin' Donut in HKIA, I told myself never again that I'm going to order that sort of donuts again, cos they were too sweet for my teeth and it is consider expensive too. But than after much good comments from friends and colleagues about Big apple donuts and coffee, I've decided to give it a try. Of course the major concern is if my kids will love it. I'm glad that they serve not only sweet ones but they also serve topping with chicken-fross which Cal loves. Orait.. then I should really give it a try.
And we did, Cal almost finished 2 donut with chicken-fross topping and one with strawberry topping. As for Mer, he was too exhausted after the swimming lesson. That's why we ended up in the area which couch that I can lay Mer there. Cosy little guy didn't even wake up with those noise around him.
Ya.. go for it if you wanna try not so sweet donut, but I warn you, don't put sugar into your drinks if you order mocha, it was way too sweet after the sugar I even ask for them to add hot water :p
However if you wanna make that solely your lunch, better not.. well.. not my type of lunch.. I still prefer something more solid, donut can be for tea.
Price wise, a box of 12 is RM22, a box of 6 is RM12. What I don't understand is why they charge 2 boxes of 6 for RM24 and not RM22, what if I just wanna finished 6 and bring away another 6?
Another thing is, we were surprise to find that there have 3 outlets just in Sabah itself! Hmmm.. now I wonder if I can get any commercial fees from them since I'm writing about them here.


Deana E said...

you are talking about the big apple kah in citymall? i 've been there, yes yummy and i need to eat 3 soft!!!

hannie said...

hahahaha... ya.. that's the one. In the address shown on the box, it says Warisan square and 1 Borneo also have.. didn't notice the one in warisan square though.
Gonna go back for more :D

Deana E said...

Warisan square not yet open..they just print it on the menu just like the olde station..

my friend went to warisan to find the big apple and was told to go to city mall..

i just want to test the durian..i don't think i can eat a lot of donuts..

hannie said...

ya.. with your sugar level.. better restrain.. but can try the chicken fross.. not sweet :D

Wati Basri said...

love those Dunkins :)


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