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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ribbon will not fray if...

Yupe.. I've a little tips here.. share without any photo.. too bad :(
I use ribbons in my scrapbook projects and I always here people said you'll need to either wrap it around the corner of the photos or the page in order not to let it fray, or another way is to cut it slightly angled.
Well.. I have a little tips for having the ribbon and not fray, so you can actually cut it straight and just adhere it anywhere you want. You ready?
Here goes.. all you need to do is to burn it a little bit, or should I say melt it a little bit on the end by using lighter. Yupe, once the ribbon is melted, they will stick together and not fray.. that simple, try it.
Happy scrapbooking!


Deana E said...

thanks for the more pictures..hehe

Peridot&Sapphire said...

alamak... I dun want to risk my ribbon from burning!!! LOL! ubt I just don't like the afterburnt look... tan or maybe chocolate in colour? I still cut them angular or worst still do nothing....


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