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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Retirement plan

I'm already been thinking about my retirement plan although I'm not yet 40. Well, an early plan is better than a no plan scheme 'cos retire early is really my hope. That means I'll need to be financially free, i.e. no dept and can support myself when I'm not on a daily job. I don't rule out part-time or working on my own.. but to really retire, I would think of no need to work but just to enjoy life, it doesn't matter if I have to work out my budget or to cut down on buying things so that I don't need to work and still can survive, with a house to stay in, with a hobby to cling onto, with love ones that care for me (not hoping financially though), and of course with my children or friends that I can go out with.

Retirement plan in financial term might not be a problem for most people, but the caring part might be. As we grow older, we might be facing with mobility problem, health problem and of course financial crisis will come along if we fall sick or need extra care. A care home might be a good option then. A place whereby you have the right kind of people taking care of you, once in awhile check up on you, giving you advice on your daily life, giving you suggestion on dealing with things and even providing a space for you to connect with others that are in the same situation with you. As we all know, being old also means being lonely sometimes.. so care do needed. Our love ones might be busy away with their daily routine and sometime might neglect us.. so it would be good to know of some place that you can connect to at that time. Bettercaring is one site that provide all these professional assistance and it would be good if we can have something like this in Malaysia.

I hope my retirement is a joyful one and I will still be doing my scrapbooking..


Aunty J said...

hey you, so you're in smorty oredi ya? btw, I was told not to do back to back paid posts for smorty...just to let you know la...

hannie said...

Thank you Aunty J. well.. too late now since I've already post and submitted my post. Just depends to luck now.


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