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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

split.. shall I?

I'm moving.. emm.. not exactly.. I should say I'm splitting.. emm.. is this the right word? I mean I'm having another blog .. splitting from this one, so that this will entirely be my scrapbooking blog.. probably not entirely.. probably the mix of two ... but this blog has been more about scrapbooking than about life.. about reminding myself how gladeful I should be with my life.. having 2 boys.. having a family and friends.. but then again.. scrapbooking is doing that too. When I scrap, I constantly reminded about how gladful I am on my life, on my daily living.
However.. above all these, I still think I should have a blog entirely talking about scrapbooking. Maybe I'll just start another blog now.. and decide later, see how it turns out later.. what do you think? Shall I?

1 comment:

Deana E said...

yap..i think you should..i have 3 cakes he he and another one just for babies and stuff..


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