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Monday, January 28, 2008

Want to use these photos

I've just loaded some old photos from my phone to my PC, so I discovered some cute photos, although they are not so clear, but I love them and I haven't scrap about them yet, so maybe I'll use them for my next project.
As for my previous project that I've set out to do, i.e. to transfer all my Australian trip photos from the magnetic album to photo safe album, which I've just finished last night, double yay for that. Since I'm using Creative Memories album with black pages, I kind of limiting myself for using pattern paper as the background and also limiting myself to use too much of embellishment which will bulge the page, so that was a fast project to finish. Well.. I was kind of lazy too as I've already arrange that album in my magnetic before.. so nothing new. Will show some snapshot here in my future posting.
As for now.. let me show you those photos that I would really love to scrap.
Wish me luck

1 comment:

Aunty J said...

Ohhh I like these'll probably won't be able to capture such kinda pics 10 yrs down the the kids would not know how to enjoy such kampung games eh hehehe... and looking forward to see you scrapbooking these pics! :)


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