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Friday, February 8, 2008

Our tradition every year

I know all of use Chinese have a special bath every New Year Eve, the one with herbs which believe to wade off all the bad luck and welcoming in the new year with good fortune. It is the same here and we did it the traditional way, we used a big wok since we have a lot of people (around 20 including kids) in my mom's house. It was a fun experience for the kids for them to see this kind of setting.
Here is a photo to show how it actually looks like
Photobucket My dad and Cal.

Photobucket This is how it looks like inside with all the necessary herbs.

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Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Jewelle Tan said...

You know what, I only learn about this pomelo bath this year - imagine that! Our family doesn't practice this tradition thats why.

Kim Kwan said...

I so wish my husband's family would have done more things like this traditional bath! It seems that when they came to America they shed so many of their rich customs. I wish for my daughters that they coudl be part of something like this! I will certainly try to teach them about it! Gong xi fa cai!


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