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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back to creating again!!

Yup, just can't wait not to use my new stuff. After getting them yesterday from 2peas, I straight away started to play with them last night.

Well, not really much of new technique here, just warming myself up after 2 weeks away from scrapbooking.

I've used some of the materials that I've bought except the pattern paper. (The PP is from Paperwishes' April monthly kit.)

Jornal: The noisy, non-stop, playful and fun bunch. After brunch in foo phin.

I wanted to learn new technique actually, 'cos I found that I haven't been using any special technique in my layout. They are just simple cut and past thing, or maybe some stamping which doesn't need any skill. I wish there are cropping session locally that I can attend a class or two.
Maybe I should get an heat gun so that I can do some embossing, 'cos I do have the embossing powder. Silly me huh? Getting the powder and yet not the tool to do it.
I don't have special cutter too, like a 12' cutter/trimmer, oval cutter, square punch, circle punch.. buoy.. I'm really needing of new tools.

Oh ya.. before I forgot, I love to use the American craft chipboard letter stickers, they are just so fun and easy to use. Arrange them as where I like, then only press down to adhere them. Should get more.


fie the elf said...

that looks pretty nice!

hannie said...

Thanks elfiejane, I'm glad you read my blog too.
looks so pitty here that not much of comments comming in :(
well.. I'm always the lone ranger :D


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