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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Here is a short post about the new opportunity for bloggers who would like to make money from their blog.
I've just recently registered with Bloggerwave and got approved for their program to earn while blogging. It is pretty simple, just as long as you have a blog, registering with them is free and you can add up to five blogs! At the moment, there aren't many opportunities available, but given time they'll improve on that and hopefully I'll get more chances to earn from the Net and buy my scrapbook materials easily. By the way, they pay through Paypal.


ezrazlin said...

gud info..and nice meeting u!

will add u up at my blog!

hannie said...

Thanks ezraslin.
this is for you: cupcake cupcake, yummy yummy cupcake, smiley cupcake even better!!

ezrazlin said...

hey hannie..

i've registered and does it take this long for them to approve? or i take it as i'm not accepted?

it's been a week..

hannie said...

Ezra, probably they run out of advert. At the moment I can only see 2 available, so kesian.

ezrazlin said...

thanks for the info..!



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