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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The boots

After awhile in doing my pages by hand journaling, I came back to use printer again. This time I used Ali Edwards' handwriting font, got it free online. Don't you just love free things?

I actually run out of the letter "o", so I've used a sleeping 8 instead, and it turns out just fun *grin*

Being the greedy self, I just wanted to include every photos that I've taken on the boys. So I ended up using a 2-page spread.

I've used back what I've written here with some alteration:

"The boys got into the oversize boots that belongs for my parents and couldn't care less about getting dirty or hard to walk.
Mer just stand there and stomp on the mud. Cal requested to have his own pair of boots after this.
Just seeing them enjoying the mud was fun for me and those smile and laughter are worth more than the jackpot.
Childhood, a time to enjoy the simple day to day fun."

I've used Queen&Co violet felt, American craft thicker chipboard letter, the PP, brads, film stripe overlay and cardstock are from Paperwishes' kit.

Sorry for the blur photos.


Britta said...

Hey Hannie!
Thanks for commenting back *lol*
Love this new layout of yours!
And I adore you for blogging almost every day! I am such a lazy blogger...
Have a good day!

hannie said...

Thank you! you have a good day too. *hugs*


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