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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The question of beauty

Have you ever wonder how one judge for beauty. I know we always say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what about those international beauty contest? There have also been some researches done on this - the question of beauty.

Let me narrow it down to just look at our face. I read it somewhere that it all depends on how proportionate our face is or how symmetrical our left and right side of the face is. The more symmetrical it is, the more beautiful we are. As for the body figure, it changes over time. During Roman time, all the sculptures have voluptuous body figure (at least they are not skinny type), so during those time, skinny is consider not beautiful. Then time passed and there were this skinny skeleton type that people love to see from beauty magazines. Which later got complain from readers that the modeling industries is portraying unhealthy look for our teenagers which caused them to have anorexic behaviour. So the debate still going on.

To me, I can always see the beauty on those that I love. As for those that I don't like, no matter how pretty they are, I'll still find fault on them. (Sounds so bad huh!?)

However, if you would like to try out your luck in the modeling industry and you are young and (you think you are) beautiful, try out this, who know you are lucky to be walking away with a 10.000 USD price or get spotted by an agency for model career. Try out the Look of the year.


ezrazlin said...

beauty..i judge by personality!

hannie said...

Yup, agree with yoou Ezra, still, what about the first impression? Another angle of beauty?

ezrazlin said...

first impression? do not get fooled! make ups make ups..hah they do miracles!

hannie said...

LOL so true, but some how that miracle doesn't really works on my face.


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