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Friday, June 20, 2008

Me time

Have just submitted a layout on their Showdown challenge in Coconut ScrapShop. The condition is to do a page about myself and using the color pink and with bling. So here goes my entry:

Pink: Ribbon, button, and PP and peach cardstock. Bling: flowers and pearl on the clock.

Journal “This is one of the rare photos that I have seen here alone in the picture. Ever since we have our first child, I seldom have the chance to have a solo photo of myself. All the focus turned to my two boys, and ever so often that I won’t be in the picture as I’m the one who did the photo shooting. Even if I’m in the photo, I won’t be alone. So having some solo time is precious to me, which I call “me time”. I’ve started to appreciate my quiet time, my own time, my own space and do the things that I love to do. “Me time” is a little escape for me. My “me time” now include scrapbooking, going to the salon for a hair wash, movie time with my friends and enjoying my relaxing hours of facial.- Jun 2008”

I've used kit's materials from Coconut Scrapshop and Paperwishes, plus those that I bought from Scrap-n-Crop and 2peas.

Photo was taken during our trip to Hong Kong Disneyland last year, on 30 Dec 2007.


fie the elf said...

nice! good luck!

Jen Glover said...

I love your journaling and your clock! This is SOOO cute! I'm sooo happy you are participating in all of the challenges! You are so talented!

hannie said...

Thank you, Fie.
And Jen, thanks for the kind words :D
We are all life artist ourselves, right? ;>

Deana E said...

u r very rajin..i hope i can find time to do scrapbk like u oh..

hannie said...

u sure can if u want to. some more you've got so many nice beautiful photos of ur daughter and you've been writing, so u can actually use what u've written in ur scrap pages.
come la.. join me.. :D

Paris Anderson said...

I really like the concept of this layout and it turned out beautifully.

hannie said...

Thanks Paris, hope I can do more altered projects and cards though.


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