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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yippie yay yay! I've got my Etsy shop up. Since I wonder if anyone will buy the cards that I made, I might as well put them into real test in Etsy, the place where people sell their handmade stuff.
So far I've only finished 5 cards that I can put up to sell in Etsy. Check them out here:

I've also put a little icon on my side bar, comments are always welcome and please convo me if you have any question.
I hope to make more cards and put them on sale in Etsy later. Wish me luck!


Jen Glover said...

Your etsy store looks great! Congratulations!!!! I wish you the best! hugs!!

hannie said...

Thank you Jen. And lucky me, I've just sold one card! Waiting for the check to be cleared now. *Big Grin* Hope more is coming!


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