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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What I'm dying to have now

I'm so excited and yet so sad.. 'cos I've got my Coconut Scrapbooking July kit and I've run out of glue!!
First, I finished up my Herma glue tap, then I used my glue stick, then I finished that also! Now I only got end of the glue stick which I need to dig out using my cutting knife!
I wanted to order quick, but there just not enough fund in my paypal at the moment for me to do my order from Scrap-n-Crop (its the fastest as it is from KL). I wanted to buy some other things together with my glue, else it is a waste of the shipping charge.
Another exciting thing is that I've just got my Creating Keepsakes August issue. So I suppose I'll just have to do lots of reading before getting my glue and before I can play with the July kit.
The kit has got so many fun things inside, chipboard lettering, stars and album, buttons, lots of Scenic Road Liberty line, flowers and a star stamp! Now I just have to get the glue quick!


Shyra said...

Hi Hannie! Wow, how come u already have CK's August issue? Did u subscribe to it? I want that too!! So jealous la.. (though i just bought scrapbooks etc & simple scrapbooks yesterday, still untouched! haha! so greedy kan? :p )ur really fast at scrapping! keep it up babe! take care! =)

hannie said...

Yes Shyra, I've subscribe to CK. I was surprise too as I've just got the July issue a week ago. :D
Thanks for dropping by!


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