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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For charity

My colleague and friends will be going to visit a convent this Saturday. They needed some donation in cash, bags and maybe some clothing. If you do want to donat, please contact Jenn. What I've been asked to do is some thank you cards for those generous people who has donated cash. I am so glad that I can help and at least give something back.
I've plan to make a dozen similar cards with some pattern papers from my Easy Scrapbooking calender. Since they are all not for sale item, I didn't use all archival safe product in this project, so it is a low cost thing. I had fun doing it.
Going to make the other half dozen tonight.


Deana E said...

yea...thank you..why not u join the trip? hehe

hannie said...

Well, I can't.. hubby is back then, and he has arranged for things. Next trip, k?


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