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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Low batt?

Hmm.. I've been on the very low scale of creativity lately. Have been putting all my attention and energy over at renovating my house and my kids. I would say this is my "low battery" time for my creativity side. No matter how much I would love to do a page or a card, I ended up doing nothing and simply staring at my scrap desk. I wanted to create a mini album like Liz Kartchner did. I wanted to do a mobile too, which I wanted to try on new techniques on those butterfly chipboards. But I just couldn't do them *sob sob*

I hope my creativity senses, mood or battery.. come back on again pretty soon, maybe I should go process some photos.


Anonymous said...

sabar ko moi...recharge ur "battery" have a kit kat ehehehe...

Vivs said...

Don't worry..mojo will be back soon and let you create another gorgeous stuffs! Cant wait to see the mini album :)

hannie said...

ya Vivs, I wanted to see my mini album soon as well.. LOL
Thanks for dropping by.


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