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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Can't get myself

I mean I can't get myself up for something crafty recently. No creativity juice flowing. I wanted to do something, just something but can't get it started.

I wanted to do a mini CD case album. I wanted to follow a sketch and challenge to do layouts, but still nothing came out. I've even bought a CD case.

The other day I tried to design a stamp for my Raya card, but it came out different from the font that I've chosen, 'cos along the way, the person who printed out the design doesn't have the same font in my PC. Well, I still accept it and they still look okay to me, just that I'm really going to do another stamp with my original font.

I wanted to start making some Raya cards for my Muslim friends and am thinking about Christmas card even. Well, see if anything come out later.

Still hoping to be able to create something...


Michelle said...

I hope your mojo returns!! Do you think it was out with mine and Misty's?? Ours disappeared. We decided they were together, sipping margaritas, checking out the cabana boy! LOL Leave it to Misty to come up with things like that!! LOL

LG said...

Just go for it! Im sure once you started you'll keep going


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