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Monday, November 1, 2010

Shutterfly Giveaway Winner

Remember this post about Shutterfly giveaway?
Strangely though I've 40 over followers, only one that responded to the give-away, that is Uncle Lee!

So, Uncle Lee, do contact me to get your code for the Shutterfly photobook. The rest of you, do let me know if you are interested to have this give-away again, 'cos the code is until end of December.

Recently I'm really  not up the par for writing blog post, just couldn't get myself to write anything. I didn't even do a single layout for the past weeks too. Gosh! I thought I couldn't live without scrapbooking, but eventually I did survive due to the heavy work schedule. And I do still have one more assignment to finished up which is already overdue. That is to get this thesis citation done for publication.

Finger crossed that everything will soon be over and I can come back to my creative self again. So, does anyone of you been not doing any scrapbooking recently? Tell me.. I would love to hear from you all.

1 comment:

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Hannie, thank you very much for the present. I really appreciate it.
But as I don't have a similar hobby, I would like you to give it to someone who does, and tell him or her, 'with uncle Lee's compliments'.

And once again, thank you for your kind gesture, Hannie. I appreciate it.
You keep well and have a pleasant week, Lee.


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