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Monday, February 21, 2011

Where the name came from

Read this post this morning from another blog. Love the picture there:

It really puts a smile on my face seeing this picture, it also reminds that this is how my son's name came about. I adore Calvin and Hope that time, so I name after that little boy and hopefully my son also gets a bit of his characters, ha! True enough, he is funny, he loves to make his little brother laugh and he is sure curious, however he doesn't have a tiger with him all the time. Probably is there, but I couldn't see it.

Well, the read is actually started with the Art Journal thing, which I've no clue about and all the while I thought about my friend who has studied interior design in art school before, so maybe she'll be interested and re-live her artsy self again, 'cos she is not in children clothing and supply job. Well, Spidy, this post is for you.

Happy Monday to you all.


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