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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am thinking to shut this down

Ya.. I've been maintaining more than one blog. I've 3 other blogs!! Yes, 3 others. But only one other that is active. Sort of. By active means whenever I feel like writing or whenever there is an assignment for me to do.
As for the other two blogs, they were started in hope that I can get more assignment, but well.. not much. It was like one in few months sort of frequency. I think I can shut 3 blogs off, including this one and just maintain one - Glad To Be Here.
I  don't think I've anything to loose except my readers which is not that many anyway. I still treasure all of you who read and follow my blog. I hope you'll follow me to my other blog where everything will be in one place. Craft is me, Glad is also me.
If there is no respond here, I know I'm making the right decision. But do drop me a line or so, so that I know if you all really are reading my blog. Or my twitter - Hannie C
I'm going to do a lot of editing stuff after this, if I'm really going to shut this down. I also need to inform those sites that I've been working with, about my "migration".
I just felt that it is hard for me to maintain that many blogs and yet there are only two that is functioning and this one can really join with Glad To Be Here. Don't you think so?
Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Consider this as my new year resolution.
Another thing that I really wanted to do is "A photo a day" project which I've already started shooting photo using my phone. Yay to that!
Well, have a thought and give me some feedback please... I'm begging you.. pleaaseeee....


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